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Mrs. Anneliese Scherer was a resident of Starnberg (on Lake Starnberg), near Munich, and passed away on 10 February 2016 after a long, serious illness at the age of 78.

She provides information on the well-known movements called esotericism resp. New Age. Mrs. Scherer was completely healed by God long ago, through the intercession of the Mother of God, from a serious illness of many years. She also gave testimony of this healing, which can be found here in written and oral form (see section "Healing Testimony by Anneliese Scherer" (in the menu on the left). Find out there why Mrs. Scherer was commissioned to dedicate herself to the fight against esotericism.

Mrs. Anneliese Scherer had made it her life's work to draw attention to the dangers of esotericism and to raise people’s awareness. She was very interested in disseminating the contents of her lectures and therefore allowed us to make the contents of her five CDs available for listening or downloading resp. to reproduce them as private copies.

The terms "esotericism" (secret knowledge) and "New Age" (new age) are certainly familiar to all of us, especially since most of us have already come into contact with them in some form. New areas of this movement are constantly being added and we are invited in the media or with leaflets that often land in our letterboxes to try out the healing effects of these practices. We are supposed to convince ourselves of the effectiveness of these healing methods . . . .

Such and similar questions now arise for us:

  • How does Yoga, Reiki, hypnosis, consciousness expansion etc. change our lives?
  • Is spiritual healing the right path towards healing?
  • Can clairvoyance really bring light into our future?
  • What dangers are hidden behind magic and occultism?
  • Are we encountering the work of God here or are we unsuspectingly losing ourselves in the machinations of darkness?

The fact that these practices of esotericism are sometimes successful is undisputed, but what are we letting ourselves in for here? What price do we have to pay for it? Are we healed by selling our soul in doing so? Is there then still a way back?
Those who have listened to Mrs. Scherer's lectures have mostly understood what esotericism or New Age is all about, what is happening here and what a dead end people are heading into. New Age does not want to convey any fixed convictions at all, but recommends that people put together their own personal religion and be prepared to always take something new into their religious world. The applied practices are there to gain insights, to awaken or absorb forces that help to find oneself, to liberate oneself, to heal oneself, to experience oneself and to redeem oneself. The word "self" plays a very important role. A cosmic or universal God has been created here, a God who demands nothing, to whom no account is owed, to whom the creature is under no obligation. Here, the religious world may be lived in absolute freedom. Self-realisation and self-redemption are key words of the New Age movement.

1 Tim 4:1: Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.
2 Tim 4:3-4: For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths.

Responsible psychotherapists report from their practice that they often need years to bring people who have been disturbed and destroyed by esotericism back to normal. This should give us food for thought!

Why do so many people resort to esotericism??
These are searching people, spiritually hungry for God - only on the wrong side. God, however, can only be found where He can be found.

Christianity and esotericism never harmonise!!!
There are people who try to live both. Whoever says they can, doesn't know either one properly!!! There is no compromise. Jesus also knew about the polarising effect of his teaching, his proclamation, and yet he did not reduce his demand by one iota.

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